How much does a handheld laser welding machine cost per unit? Price of laser welding machine

handheld laser welding machine  handheld laser welding machine

The price of laser welding machines varies due to various factors such as brand, power, function, configuration, and market supply and demand. Here is a detailed analysis:

1. Power and price relationship:

Generally speaking, the higher the power of a laser welding machine, the corresponding increase in price. For example, the price of a 1000W laser welding machine may range from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, while the price of a 3000W laser welding machine may reach tens of thousands of yuan.

2. Price range:

The price of handheld laser welding machines can range from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, mainly depending on their power, functionality, and brand.

Industrial grade laser welding machines, such as those used for welding materials such as metal stainless steel and aluminum alloys, can range in price from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan, or even higher.

Customized laser welding machines, such as water-cooled laser welding machines, automatic laser welding machines, etc., may be priced according to specific configurations and needs, with a wide range of prices.

Specific price examples:

Handheld laser welding machines, such as 400W, may be priced in the range of hundreds to thousands of yuan; 1500W, the price may range from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.

Industrial grade laser welding machines, such as 2000W or 3000W, may cost tens of thousands of RMB.

3. Other factors:

Factors such as brand awareness, product quality, and after-sales service can also have an impact on the price of laser welding machines. Famous brand equipment is usually priced higher, but quality and after-sales service are also more guaranteed.

Please note that the above prices are for reference only, and the specific prices will depend on factors such as actual needs, brand selection, configuration requirements, etc. for specific inquiries. When purchasing a laser welding machine, it is recommended to fully understand product performance, quality, after-sales service and other information, and choose suitable equipment according to actual needs.

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